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Fatty Weng Restaurant

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Dining Options Dinner, Dessert, Reservations
Price Mid Range
Cuisine Asian

The Fatty Weng Restaurant is a homegrown eatery (also known as tze-char / zi-char/ zhu chao), a term used by locals in Singapore to describe a meal of home-style dishes eaten in a casual setting, usually like a hawker center or coffee shop. Tze char eateries are popular among the locals as a shared meal and is gaining popularity with tourists who also want a taste of local fare – usually Cantonese fare is offered. Many homegrown Chinese restaurants start out as tze-char stalls, and as their popularity and following grows, they become fully-serviced restaurants to cater to their customers’ growing requests.

A meal at Fatty Weng’s is best enjoyed in a group – be it with your family, friends or colleagues in a casual dining setting. With more than 200 ala-carte dishes to choose from, there will be something for everyone. For first-timers, we recommend ordering in smaller portions so that you get to share and try more dishes!

As Fatty Weng’s reputation grew, few eateries in Singapore, inspired by Fatty Weng’s creations, operate with the same or similar names. This is the website for THE original restaurant set up by Fatty Weng himself, a.k.a. Lai Foo Weng, back in 1967.

Today, the Fatty Weng restaurant is heralded by the second Lai generation, and is supported by a team of managers and staff to provide good service to our customers at all times. We have up to 9 chefs working under our Executive Chef to ensure that our dishes created by Fatty Weng are delivered as what Fatty Weng created them to be. Fatty Weng was, and still is very passionate about serving authentic, fresh Cantonese cuisine at affordable prices. 40 years on, this same philosophy continues to be the driving force at Fatty Weng Restaurant.


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